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Sponsorship is a key area for all successful events and can take away the burden of raising revenue through ticket sales alone. 


Paris-Roubaix Kit List


Read our comprehensive kit list for one of cycling's most grueling events; Paris-Roubaix. 

Paris-Roubaix, Hell of the North


Hell of the North - we survived! 

Read our race account here. 

Event Timetable and Agenda


Creating an event timetable and agenda will help you organise yourself and your volunteers as well as help you understand areas of your event that you may have overlooked.

Hell of the Ashdown


It's called the Hell of the Ashdown for a reason. 

Read our event blog here. 

Risk Assessments


For any size event it is critical that you complete a risk assessment involving all of your key stakeholders prior to the event. This plan must include contingency plans for all eventualities such as bad weather, accidents and evacuation.

Pre-event Planning


Without planning there is no performance. 

We're here to help. Read our blog on pre-event planning and organisation. 

Budgetting For Your Event


A good budget is key for any event. Read how we advice you prepare for your event and set out your race budget. 

Injury Prevention


Training for an event can take its toll on the body both mentally and physically

Read our top tips for staying injury free this race season.

Event Registrations and Payments


Online registration can have a dramatic impact on your participants. 

Read here how it can impact you and your event.