Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get paid?
Once your event is live UDo Sport will contact you for your bank details. You will receive payment into your account as soon as your event has closed. To arrange specific payment terms please contact
  1. Can I edit my event once I have submitted it?
You can edit your event once it has been approved.  Click on the ‘Edit Event’ button in your dashboard and you will be able to edit all information. Click submit to save and make your changes live.
  1. How do I view my participant information?
In Your dashboard you can view and download participant information. Click on ‘Download Extract’ to download an XL spreadsheet of all participant information.
  1. How does tiered pricing work?
Tiered pricing allows you to set different prices for different times. As soon as one price has expired the next price will automatically begin. Perfect for setting ‘early bird’ pricing. Each tiered price will last for as many tickets as you have or until the date and time you have set this tier to expire.
If you have two tier prices set at the same time they will appear next to each other and will be shown in your sales data in your dashboard.
You can have up to 3 extra tier prices.
  1. How do I give away free places?
You can only give away free places once your event has been approved and is live. In your event dashboard add the email address for the person you would like to give a free place to. Once that person has used the address to redeem their ticket this will automatically be seen in your dashboard. You can give away as many free places as you wish.
  1. What are minimum and maximum group sizes?
Minimum and Maximum group refers to the amount of tickets to be sold in one transaction. If you set you maximum to 10, one person can buy 10 tickets to your event. If this is set to 1, only 1 ticket per person can be purchased for your event.
You will only ever receive participant information for the person buying the ticket.
  1. What does number of tickets available mean?
Number of tickets available is the amount of tickets you have for sale.
  1. What does Pause mean in my dashboard?
The pause button allows you to pause your event at any time. This stops people from entering your event without having to cancel or delete the event. You can press play on your event to switch it back to a live event.
  1. What are your fees?
See Organiser Terms of Engagement for breakdown of all fees and prices.

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