Features and Pricing

Free to Free Events

If your event is free, then we’re free.

We’ll help you track entries, collect registrations and manage your event at no charge.

Commission Free Event Registration

Pay only 2.5% of your ticket price in fees. All you pay is the transaction processing fees. We take zero commission. 

You'll get all these features as standard when you create your event:

Multiple ticket types (great for early bird pricing)

Private event listing

Public event listing (searchable on U Do Sport.com)

Customised check out form

All major credit and debit cards accepted including American Express

Digital ticket confirmation

Mobile responsive site

Real-time sales

Attendee information collected

Detailed exports of all data

Location based map for participants

Automated opening and closing of events

Ability to pause your event

Collecting Your Money

You'll receive a full analysis and payment as soon as your event has closed for entries.

See our organiser terms of engagement for a full breakdown of fees.


U Do Sport is free to use for free events. Manage all your registrations and entries and if the event is free then we won't charge a penny. 

If your event isn't free, all you'll pay is the transaction processing fee of 2.5% and any applicable VAT. 

That's commission free event registration.

Launching a large event?

Email our experts at
info@udosport.com or send us a message.