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Steve Bate, MBE

Steve Bate, MBE

Notable Achievements

  • World Record Holder 4km Individual Pursuit (BVI)
  • Double Paralympic Gold Medallist 2016
  • Paralympic Bronze Medallist 2016
  • Multiple UCI World Cup Medallist
  • Winner of the Rovaniemi 150 Arctic Ultra

Born in New Zealand, Steve moved to the UK where he has lived since May 2000, now calling Yorkshire home.

Steve never achieved much as a youngster, but at the age of 34 was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which to this day has no cure. This has slowly been robbing Steve of his eyesight from his late twenties. However Steve say’s “with things like this it can go one of two ways.” For him, he’s grateful to the people around him it went a very positive way. Steve claims this diagnosis gave him the missing piece of the puzzle to really set some seemingly impossible goals and  go and achieve them. From scaling one of the worlds tallest rock faces solo, to competing at the highest sporting level and winning gold, twice.

Steve’s passion is adventure, finding his physical and mental limits, and then asking himself for more. Steve says “ when things get hard, really hard and I struggle. That’s when I find out what kind of person I really am. At times like these, gold medals, world records and MBE’s mean very little, it’s just you and your mind.”

Steve has a relaxed, open and honest speaking style. He has spoken to the Premier Football Managers Academy, the Health Department, international business’s as well as speaking at sporting functions, schools and charity events. 


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