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Commission free event registration. Create an event. Start selling and we'll only charge you the payment transaction fees. 


Discover a range of sporting solutions for your business and event that help you increase awareness and revenue.


Align your brand, business or event with the World’s most successful athletes and engaging speakers.


With over 20 years of experience in the sports industry we’ve worked with some of the World’s largest sporting brands and helped deliver some of the largest and most successful events on the planet. 

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Matt Langridge, MBE

Matt Langridge, MBE

Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic medallist

Chemmy Alcott

Chemmy Alcott

Britain's Greatest Ever Female Skier

Alex Gregory, MBE

Alex Gregory, MBE

Double Olympic Gold Medallist, Five Time World Champion

William Satch, MBE

William Satch, MBE

Olympic Gold and Bronze Medallist and World Champion

“I greatly enjoy and value the interaction with U Do Sport on the many projects we work on. To be able to tweak, fine tune and make decisions remotely knowing U Do Sport will pick up the ball comprehensively has been great for us as a business.”

“I want to thank the whole team at U Do Sport for their enthusiasm and application. Whilst the event concept was great, we all know it’s the people presenting it on site and engaging with the general public that actually makes it work. So many thanks for that!”